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          Small & Mid-sized Businesses want to leverage the power of Internet. Many Businesses want to use Software as a Service without having to invest in expensive Hardware and Software Products in house. To help them embrace the "Software as a Service" model, There are many Cloud Services . To use any of these Services, the only piece of Infrastructure you need is a PC with a Browser and an Internet Connection.

A few key reasons why Companies should consider Cloud Based Solutions are:

1. Reduce Capex

     As the Solution is Hosted on Microsoft Servers, there is no need to invest in Server Hardware and Software. The cost of upgrading the versions is also avoided. The collateral costs in Security Solutions can also be reduced.

2. Reduce Opex

     Companies can give users 24x7 access to applications without having to keep the Server Infrastructure on after Office hours. This substantially reduces cost of Electricity and manpower costs needed to monitor.

3. Manage Data Backups

     Backups are no longer a nightmare. Daily backups are taken using State of The Art Backup Technology.

4. High Availability

     The Applications and the Data are hosted on Microsoft Datacenters which are spread across Continents. This assures High Availability even in event of any Natural Calamity. Also there is no downtime in event of applying Patches or even when the upgrade to new version takes place.

5. Industry leading Expertise

     The regular monitoring is done by highly qualified Microsoft Engineers who have unmatched expertise in the Technology to be managed.

6. Best Practices

     The Best Practices implemented in the setup are Industry leading. So Companies using the same are assured that the available Services are setup using the Best of Breed Services.

7. High Security

     There are multiple layers of access controls which ensure that unauthorized access is just not possible.

8. Access to Latest Technology

     Companies which subscribe to the Cloud Services are assured of getting the latest version of Software and the feature set without having to pay extra for the same. Microsoft would upgrade the Server version of the Software on regular basis and roll out the same for all the users across the Globe.